Volunteer with Us.

We are known as The Conch Republic and we have a special kind of unrelenting drive and optimism.  We do not back down, nor do we quit.  When we see neighbors who need assistance, we help.  Unconditionally.  When we see a need, we volunteer.  And so an army was created.  An army of people, both from within the Republic and outside our borders, who came together to restore what Irma took away, and to make everyone’s lives better.

As time progressed, we were able to expand our operations from simple cleanup, to restoration and preservation of our waterways, bays, and ocean.

You want to help.  What can you expect?

As our name implies, we mostly do marine habitat cleanup and restoration. Sometimes it’s muddy, Stinky, Even disgusting.  Extremely tiring and hot.  And you’ll have the time of your life.  Because it’s also fun.  The people make it so.

We also need help with maintenance of vessels, special missions, festival booths, collecting propagules (baby mangroves) and a whole ton of things that power an army like ours forward.

There is a place for you here, no matter what your physical fitness level or abilities.

We do request that you sign a waiver.  Please print and bring with you. We also strongly encourage you to stay within your limits.  There are no grunting heroes here who expect you to do anything you are uncomfortable with.  We are very safety-conscious.  Almost to a fault.

How to sign up to Volunteer

To sign up for Saturdays with CRMA events/tours, please email Brian@conchrepublicmarinearmy.com.

In your email, Please include: your name, email, number of guests and the Saturday you would like to reserve. 

Note about children attending:
If any children will be attending please let us know so we can make appropriate preparations.
If any of the children are under the age of 10 it would be ideal that an adult is with each younger child.
We have the ability to go to more kid friendly places when we’re prepared. 

Weekday trips:
Even though we have groups that go out every Saturday, we also have Weekday trips available by inquiry for large groups, families and team outings.
Special exceptions can also be made for families/groups.

Calendars fill up fast!
The amount of volunteers we can accommodate on the boat is 8 per trip and calendars fill up fast!
Please provide an alternate date in case your first choice is full.

Weather permitting:
Sometimes things happen and the weather doesn’t want to cooperate.
Certain conditions come and go but conditions like thunderstorms require us to cancel our trips due to safety.
If you’re worried things might get canceled please reach out to us.

What You Need To Know and Do

Most of what we do is dirty.  Where we do it is often hot and sometimes secluded. 
Proper equipment and preparation is key to your enjoyment and safety. 

Please look at the following list and make sure you are ready for your day Volunteering with the team:

  • Bring a Reusable water bottle.  We can fill you up!
  • Water shoes: We wade into areas that are filled with muck.  Make sure your shoes are secure and won’t be pulled off in deeper bottoms.
  • Long sleeved shirts and pants.  We climb into the mangroves, and they will take a bite out of you not to mention being out in the sun!
  • Work gloves if you have a favorite pair but we have them for you.
  • Reef-safe sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses.  Polarized is preferred.
  • Hat, bandanna, or other head covering to protect from the sun.
  • Optional: Change of clothes, towel, etc.

Our days usually run from morning to mid afternoon, under the Florida sun.  Please take breaks often, and drink lots of water. 
Don’t wait until you are thirsty, that’s too late.

Safety is our number one goal.  Always work in pairs or in groups!

If you can’t make it…

Please notify us 2 days prior if you can’t fill your reserved spot as lunch is ordered and other volunteers would love to come in your place. You can always reserve another time as there is plenty of trash and we understand that things happen.