Conch Republic Marine Army

Cleaning and Restoring the Shallow Mangrove Habitats of the Florida Keys

Welcome to the Conch Republic Marine Army.  A grassroots, volunteer organization dedicated to the cleanup and restoration of the mangrove habitats of the Florida Keys.  Please keep reading on how you can help, and then head over to our Facebook community to join in!

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How We Started

On September 10th, 2017, the Florida Keys was hit by Hurricane Irma. It catastrophically devastated the shallow water mangrove islands of the Florida Keys. Much of what was once on solid ground was thrown into the mangroves, waters and back country.

The Conch Republic Marine Army was initially formed as a volunteer organization to address the devastation left from Irma. Using kayaks, canoes and manual labor, we have removed 309,389 documented pounds of debris.  That’s 154.69 tons, after many epic battles by volunteers offering their time and passion. It also includes 1,290,705 feet of trap line removed from the mangroves (that’s 244.45 miles) and 86 refrigerators!

But sadly, that grand total is from only a few miles of shoreline. A rough goal is we have around two million pounds of debris in the Florida Keys to remove. And that’s if nothing else comes along and adds to the total.

So the next step in our evolution is to expand our volunteer operations into a full-time assault on the problem. And that’s where you come in.

Where We’re Going

We have boats and equipment that have been donated to us. We have amazing sponsors who continue to provide resources for us to continue this mission. But taking this generosity and turning it into the large scale effort that is required to tackle the problem in front of us takes funding…and support from organizations and people like you!


Exposure from the media and corporate world has been incredible. Please watch these clips to see what we’ve accomplished and where we’re going.

About Our Sponsors

In addition to donors and volunteers like you, we have a large number of sponsors who have given services, goods, and their valuable time to the CRMA.  Please take a moment and visit our sponsors page to learn more.

Weekly K2 Program

K2 is our newest boat and program departing Big Pine Key every Saturday, and it’s free. We depart Big Pine Key at 10 am and head out into the backcountry and work many different shorelines based on weather until about 3 pm.

Winn Dixie provides a free fresh lunch for you! Please wear water shoes (no flip flops) and bring a towel and a reusable water bottle. You may even want to wear lightweight nylon pants to avoid scratches. Everything else is provided, including unlimited trash. Reservations required.

Limit is 6 per trip and calendars fill up fast, so please provide an alternate date in case your first choice is full. Special exceptions can be made for families/groups.

Thank you to our awesome sponsor Winn Dixie!

To sign up for Saturday K2 events/tours, please email

IN YOUR EMAIL, PLEASE INCLUDE your name, email, number of guests and the Saturday you would like to reserve. **SATURDAYS ONLY!**

Winn Dixie provides a free fresh lunch for you!  Please wear water shoes (no flip flops) and bring a towel and a reusable water bottle. You may even want to wear lightweight nylon pants to avoid scratches. Everything else is provided, including unlimited trash.  Reservations required.

We will continue doing trips every Saturday! Please be patient… we are working on an online reservations system.

Conch Republic Marine Army

The Conch Republic Marine Army is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.  All donations to the CRMA are tax deductible. (Form 990)

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