Cleaning and Restoring the Mangrove Habitats of the Florida Keys

Welcome to the Conch Republic Marine Army. 
A grassroots, volunteer organization dedicated to the cleanup and restoration of the mangrove habitats of the Florida Keys. 

We run weekly trips for volunteers out into the back country every Saturday and with private groups during the week. Each trip gets a great free lunch and everything provided to return home with hundreds if not thousands of pounds in a single trip. 

After more than 4,000 volunteers offering their time and passion, as of 12/2022 CRMA has collected 422,734 pounds of debris.  That’s 211.37 tons! That also includes 2,540,663 feet of trap line removed from the mangroves (that’s 481 miles) and 88 refrigerators! 

Please keep reading on how you can help, and then head over to our Facebook community to join in!

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Conch Republic Marine Army

The Conch Republic Marine Army is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. 

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