Habitat Restoration

Our primary mission is restoring the waterways, canals, and mangroves that received so much trash and debris from the hurricane.  Besides being a visual blight, it is a tremendous ecological disaster.  The bays and ocean just are not equipped to handle this much human-made waste.  It is harming fish, wildlife, and vegetation.

We work primarily from kayaks, canoes, and small boats.  Manually retrieving debris and hauling it to shore for disposal.  We often have the use of donated heavy equipment to drag larger items (like hot tubs!) out.  It’s difficult and hard work, but is also imperative if we want the Keys and beyond to recover.

No Straws!

Cleaning up after a natural disaster is our main mission, but no less important is keeping trash and debris out of the waters on an every day basis.  Next time you’re in a restaurant, look around the table.  Everyone has a water and a drink … and every glass has a single use straw.  A plastic, non-recyclable straw.  Order a second round and guess what?  More litter that finds its way into our oceans.

So, please support the No Straws Movement.  Just say “no straws please” every time you order.  You probably don’t use them at home.  You can certainly get by at the restaurant as well.  The critters in the ocean will thank you.

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