Announcing our upcoming addition to the CRMA fleet

We are excited to announce that building of the next CRMA boat is underway!

In late August production began in Long Island NY by Henriksen boat designs.

The new boat will allow us to expand in ways we haven’t been able to in the past. This boat will allow us to bring up to 15 people on board compared to 8 on our original K2 vessel.

What we still need

Though the physical boat is one big project needed to be completed, a boat also needs an engine, a navigation system, safety equipment, and lots of other supplies. Some of those things we were fortunate enough to have donations towards with our previous K2 boat and some things have already been acquired for the new boat.

We are currently accepting donations towards supplies and systems for the upcoming boat. If you’d like to donate towards the cause please check out our fundraiser or contact us to let us know how you might be able to support.

Final thoughts

Our upcoming boat will allow for expanded volunteer capabilities and give us even more space for all the things we clean up while out on the keys.

We are looking forward to expanding our impact on the Florida Keys and would like thank you again for all your support.

Stay tuned!

“Making dirty friends in trashy places”

Henriksen Boat Designs logo
New boat being built. Shown in the custom blue color for the CRMA.
New boat being built.