Event Registration Info

Event Registration Info

Our newest boat and program departs Big Pine Key every Saturday and is available during the week with direct reservations. 
Join us as we start our efforts in the more remote islands of the backcountry.  You will be departing at 10:00 am. returning around 4 pm

You can expect a 30-45 minute ride out to the remote island we are currently working on.  2 hours of effort removing debris and then a tour of areas we have not done and a splash in a clean water sandbar to cool off before returning home about 3 to weigh the results.  The schedule may be flexible with weather, wind or willingness to do more.  There’s a mountain to go get but this is a way for you to enjoy some of the best parts of the Keys and still lend a hand in the war on marine trash and debris.  The boat ride alone is worth it…and it’s free….ish.  We depend on donations to keep the CRMA running and to provide an opportunity for those who could not normally get on the water to do so.  You are not obligated but any help is appreciated.  We guarantee a fun time and you’ll feel great having done your part and in helping us cover costs of helping the Florida Keys recover.

Some things to know:

  • You are required to print and sign the waiver and bring it with you. (Download waiver here)
  • You must be 10 or older and one adult per child required. 
  • Bring your own reusable water bottle, we have water on board.
  • You need sturdy shoes that will get wet and muddy 
  • You need sunscreen, hats, clothing for sun protection.
  • Lunch is provided by Winn Dixie free of charge.

Once you register you will be contacted directly by one of our staff to discuss your skill set, water experience and expectations.  Keep in mind we are trying to get volunteers out into the areas not normally seen and these can be quite remote yet beautiful and destroyed all at the same time.  Wildlife is everywhere and it’s not surprising to see turtles, rays, porpoises, and all kinds of birds.  We will be careful and mindful of your safety first and enjoyment.

It’s an amazing world out there but it needs your help.  Join the CRMA and let’s make a difference.

To see a calendar of our events and to sign up please go to our event’s page.